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Droppy is a self hosted online file transfer and sharing platform that can be used to share multiple files among friends, family and colleagues. The files can be sent by email or an url that can be shared with everyone you would like to.


V2.2.5 (17 July, 2021)
- Fixed invalid email error message
- Fixed missing asset in installation
- Fixed small issues with plugin pages
- Fixed custom upload directory feature
- Fixed issue where upload password was being autocompleted by the browser
- Fixed issue where download email was being sent when the admin or uploader downloads a file
- Fixed issue where Invalid email error was thrown when the email input field was empty but the recipient list wasn't

V2.2.4 (22 June, 2021)
- Fixed missing jquery file since update 2.2.3

V2.2.3 (21 June, 2021)
- Fixed issue where email fields weren't verified
- Fixed issue where "Okay" button was disabled on password protected uploads
- Minor changes for the premium add-on

V2.2.2 (12 May, 2021)
- Fixed issue with autofill of user email
- Added turkish translation

V2.2.1 (09 May, 2021)
- Fixed some installation issues
- Updated some libraries for the mobile version

V2.2.0 (07 May, 2021)
- Updated core framework
- Updated dependencies
- Small code improvements

V2.1.9 (10 July, 2019)
- Added option to define maximum upload chunk size in the admin panel
- Fixed an issue where downloads were corrupted

V2.1.8 (10 July, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where upload password field was locked for premium users
- Fixed an issue where the direct open link wouldn't open the right modal on the mobile version
- Fixed an issue with the favicon file not loading on download page.

V2.1.7 (10 July, 2019)
- Added a delay to the "Okay" button after starting the download
- Fixed an issue where {size} placeholder in emails was showing the incorrect file size
- Fixed an issue where meta keywords weren't included in the mobile version
- Updated the project framework
- Decreased the total project size of Droppy

V2.1.6 (31 May, 2019)
- Added validate email address function to contact form 
- Contact form will no longer disappear after sending an email
- The recaptcha in the contact form is now optional (Disable it by leaving the site key and secret key empty in the admin panel)
- Users will be redirect back to the home page when trying to access the /upload page
- Improved zipping speed, this causes a minor increase in file size
- Issue where browser would report errors when leaving the recaptcha site key empty
- Height of plugin views
- Issue with email library in PHP 7.2+
- Issue with automatic updater

V2.1.5 (7 May, 2019)
- Added separate translation values for contact input placeholders
- Fixed an issue with incorrect file size in emails when file is larger than 1 GB
- Fixed an issue with links not showing correctly in the success alert.

V2.1.4 (6 May, 2019)
- Added contact form (needs to be enabled in the admin panel)
- Added contact form settings to the admin panel
- Added recaptcha settings to the admin panel
- Added new manual update functions
- Added site keywords setting to the general settings page for SEO
- The file size in emails will now be shown as KB, MB or GB depending on the file size (Make sure to update your email templates)
- Changed the upload speed from Megabytes per second to Megabits per second (The speed most ISPs will advertise)
- The uploader will now show the total file size and file size left in Gigabytes when the total size is greater than 1000 Megabyte
- Fixed an issue with redirecting after selecting an email template language

V2.1.2 (11 April, 2019)
- Fixed an issue where the dashboard button in the admin panel would redirect to the home page when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the logo wouldn't show in the admin panel when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the admin logout button wouldn't work when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload complete image wouldn't show when installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed an issue where the upload password option would always be disabled
- Fixed an issue where mobile navbar would stay open after opening clicking one of the menu items
- Fixed an issue where the installation would not properly set the url to https when installing Droppy
- Fixed a possible memory leak in the file upload library

- Fixed issue with admin redirect when installed in subdirectory
- Fixed issue where adding language would not add the "directory" correctly.
- Fixed issue with new language email templates not loading properly.
- Fixed issue that caused the destruct email to be sent to an empty email.
- Fixed oldtimer theme page styling
- Fixed issue with emails not showing correctly when using specific SMTP providers
- The upload button will be disabled for a second to prevent spamming
- German translation

- Delete_old_date was set to true by default in the config.php, this is now set to false.
- Decreased automatic cleanup of failed/incomplete uploads to 12 hours
- Fixed issue where temp files weren't purged from the temp directory
- Fixed issue pagination on admin downloads page
- Fixed password always showing "Yes" on uploads page
- The error message "Some files were too large" will disappear when removing files from the queue.

V2.0.9 (15 March, 2019)
- Fixed cancel button translation
- Fixed alignments ad section
- Fixed ad showing on login page
- Fixed issue where you couldn't remove a recipient from the list (Upload form)
- Fixed issue where ad wouldn't keep padding on top when adding a file/recipient

- Fixed issue where it was possible to submit upload without selecting files.
- Fixed issue with background video not scaling when changing screen width/height
- Fixed ad design (some alignment issues)
- Fixed some more issues with the email design of the sendEmailClean function
- Duration column to backgrounds page.
- You can now close the settings window by clicking the gear icon again.

- Fixed {start_password} and {end_password} not available in sender email.
- Fixed side window not closing on terms page
- Fixed mail logo not passed to sendEmailClean function

- Fixed some minor coding flaws
- Added {start_password} and {end_password} tags to email templates (All the text between these tags will not be shown when there's no password set)
- Admin panel login background

- Fixed issues with the upload size.
- Fixed missing popup when leaving the page while uploading.
- Fixed error not showing up when entering wrong password for upload
- Fixed error not showing up when there's an invalid login for the admin panel
- Fixed error message "no decode delegate" 
- Fixed issue where some browsers weren't able to download encrypted files (file size in header was incorrect)
- Fixed the upload cancel button
- Added cache purge for browser cache.

- Fixed mouse hover on sidebar links.
- {password} email tag is back in the receivers email template
- Improved form validation
- Removed logo from mobile page
- Download page styling on mobile
- Issue where external plugin (S3, FTP) were not able to do uploads with more than 1 file.

- Issue where total upload size wasn't shown in the email (Caused by V2.0.2)
- Fixed issue where assets wouldn't load when Droppy is installed in a subdirectory
- Fixed email styling in outlook
- Fixed email styling on mobile
- Removed some debugging lines
- Issue where changing the default language from english to something else would cause errors to show up on different places
- Slightly improved authentication security
- Issue where website would be inaccessible/stuck while downloading.
- Fixed issue where S3 didn't show the file size while downloading.
- Option "Set default" to language page.
- Updater has been moved to external update library, with support for multiple SQL files.
- Site logo to the top of the emails
- Logout button when page is locked for upload or both download and upload
- New translation "logout" 

- Language translation in javascript were always english (File upload alerts etc.)
- Reply-to email in the file receivers email has been changed to the sender's email address
- Fixed issue where there was no "Maximum files" alert after selecting too many files.
- Fixed issue where small file uploads (1-100 kb) would show 0 as total files and size.
- Fixed issue where modals on mobile wouldn't show on the download page
- Fixed issue where the "View terms" wasn't visible on mobile
- Some extra paddings on mobile
- Option to specify timezone (Settings -> General settings)

- Issue where uploads page wouldn't load in the admin panel
- Issue where the "Link" form would not load when the default has been set to "Link" 
- Issue where destruct buttons would dissapear when set to "Yes" 
- The accept the terms page was missing
- The installation will now the proper path to the language directories
- Fixed the path of "Here" button on the template page
- Fixed incomplete uploads cron
- Fixed files that are still uploaded even though you removed them from the file selection list.
- Fixed error message shown on the admin uploads page while someone is uploading a file.
- Option to specify the language directoy name and language name.
- Mobile version of Droppy has been added again.
- Added message column to uploads page
- Added grey border around the boxes
- Added delete_old_data option
- Added manual update option

- Entire codebase has been rewritten from scratch
- Chunked file uploads ! (Sending files to the server in small pieces)
- New background library for smoother transitions
- Specify the length(time) of each background
- New (more secure) password hashing
- Email placeholder {expire_time} format has been changed
- Backgrounds do now have their own page in the admin panel
- Setting a default language can now be done from the language page in the admin panel
- Encrypting method for files has been changed to openssl
- File decryption will now happen while downloading a file
- Site backgrounds are now shown on the login page

- {password} email tag has been removed
- Dropped support for PHP version lower than 7, PHP 7 or higher should be used from now on.

- Issue where user wasn't able to go to the download page after uploading (constantly loading until the actual upload finished processing).

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